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1st Phase Tx Eye Cream
1st Phase Tx Eye Cream

Price: £35.10


Revamp and promote brighter eyes with this revolutionary eye cream designed to combat first signs of eye ageing. Exceptional anti-ageing antioxidants help smooth fine lines, reduce dark circles and de-puff the eyes. 1st Phase Tx Eye Cream works on the delicate skin surrounding the eye region which requires expert attention, the location that ageing likes to make its first target and carve the first facial lines. Ensures eyes stay looking young and beautiful now as well as in the future.


  • Reduce appearance of under eye discolouration
  • Tackle early age damage
  • Visibly smooth fine lines
  • Ease tired puffy eyes and ageing eyes
  • Dampen inflammation
  • Prevent wrinkles and future eye ageing
  • Stimulate capillary action and increase epidermal moisture
  • Cosmetically repair and brighten eyes


+ Epigallocatechin Gallates to: opppose wrinkles and sun damage

+ EFA’s to: increase epidermal moisture levels and rehydrate eye skin

+ Vitamin K to: stimulate capillary action and reduce appearance of under eye dark circles

+ Polyphenol Antioxidants to: tackle early age damage & protect from pollution attack

+ Vitamin C to: dampen inflammation and ease tired, puffy, ageing eyes

+ Eyebright to: freshen and awaken eyes

+ Vitamin E to: visibly smooth fine lines, nourish and protect fragile eye zone skin

Use this eye cream to treat first signs of ageing: level out skin creases, reduce appearance of under eye discolouration and eye region puffiness. Apply everyday to ensure the eyes receive the care they need to maintain youthful, radiant eyes.

?Pioneering eye treatment
to repair skin suffering
first signs of ageing

?Uplifts dull, tired and
ageing eyes

?Diminishes appearance
of fine lines, puffiness &
dark circles

?Eye region emerges
brighter, smoother &
reassuringly protected
against wrinkle formation
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