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1st Phase Tx Face Cleanser
1st Phase Tx Face Cleanser

Price: £29.41



More than just a cleanser as cell coating Polyphenol, EGCG anti-oxidant and omega 3 molecules remove debris & help repair first signs of skin damage to give an ideally smooth and nourished face.

The anti-septic and skin healing benefits of this 1st Phase Tx Face Cleanser can be attributed to the cell protective hydroxytyrosol, essential fatty acid omega 3 molecules and EGCG catechins, which tackle head on the issues that contribute to the first signs of an ageing face by offering skin protection to shield against future wrinkle formation and help repair current skin damage.

  • Clears away cell damaging grime molecules
  • Refreshingly cleans the skin
  • Coats skin with extreme moisture particles
  • Layers anti-oxidants into the surface
  • Leaves skin feeling immaculately cleansed, hydrated and silky soft

A very moisturising cleanser with Green Tea, Avocado and Olives that vigilantly cares for the face and helps moisturise dry, dehydrated skin and smooth fine lines.

Use daily to clear unwanted facial debris, assist repair of fine lines and help age protect skin to resist formation of deep wrinkles.

To give the skin a professional cleansing, intense moisture replenishing treatment: Apply a heavier coating as a face mask and leave to act on the skin for 5-10mins. After this time, remove using the 1st Phase Tx Face Toner. Follow by applying 1st Phase Tx Lipid Face Serum and Face Cream.


?Repeated liberal application helps reduce cellular inflammation and removes traces of dirt, while the omega 3 from avocado prevents stripping the skin of its natural moisture base.
This cleanser should be used twice daily.
To remove cleanser residue from the face use 1st Phase Tx Face Toner.

?Compacted with skin moisturising substances, this cleanser should also be used as a weekly deep moisture treatment, or whenever skin feels fatigued and requires a rapid and expert pick me up.
Apply a heavier coating of cleanser as a face mask, leave on skin for 5 minutes, then remove with cotton wool and 1st Phase Tx toner to reveal fresh, hydrated velvety soft skin that?s well geared to combat age causing molecules.

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