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1st Phase Tx Face Cream
1st Phase Tx Face Cream

Price: £50.28


1st Phase Tx is a miracle face cream that delivers supreme first signs of age protection. Pioneered to block all major signs of ageing, this extraordinary skin treatment contains potent antioxidant molecules to transform dull, dry and over worked skin into a brighter, hydrated,  nutrient replenished complexion. 1st Phase Tx works seriously hard to treat fine lines & repair current age damage, whilst protecting the skin from future wrinkle formation.


  • Halt accelerated ageing processes and delay wrinkle formation
  • Heal fine lines and dull skin
  • Lock moisture in skin
  • Boosts skin lipids
  • Resist UV radiation attacking surface cells
  • Give immediate effects of : nourishingly glowing, smooth and hydrated skin



+ Potent EGCG Anti-oxidants: to resist UV radiation and sun exposure attacking surface cells

+ OPC Polyphenols: to neutralise skin damaging environmental pollutants, slow down skin ageing ageing procesess and keep at far distance, wrinkle implications

+ Hydroxytyrosol to deeply condition to give immediate effects of polished & hydrated skin

+ Omega 3 EFA’s: to overcome dry & dehydrated skin by reimbursing essential fatty acids & boosting skin lipids

+ NFF complex: to lock superb moisture into skin and increase hyaluronic acid levels

+ Vitamin E: to heal fine lines, lift dull skin & increase youthful suppleness

+ Vitamin C: to repair invisible skin inflammation & boost skin luminoscity so it looks blushed with health

Use daily as a round the clock anti ageing skin treatment to maintain skin youth and prevent premature ageing.  


?Special complex of antioxidants to fight off skin ageing and delay future wrinkle formation

?Instantly hydrates and restores a healthy looking complexion

?Heals fine lines and combats dull skin

?Enables preservation of a radiant, smoother and youthful face
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