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1st Phase Tx Lipid Serum
1st Phase Tx Lipid Serum

Price: £38.89


Escape the first signs of ageing with this Phyto-Cosmetic renewing face treatment serum oil and allow the skin to benefit from the wonders of powerful anti-ageing, wrinkle resisting skin vita-nourishment. Designed to make dry, dull suffering skin a thing of the past and repair fine lines, so that potential wrinkle development can be most effectively obliterated, this serum leaves skin feeling undeniably smooth, toned and pliable.

Emollient moisture binding plant liposomes deeply penetrate the skin and help repair the difficult to reach Epidermal-Dermal Junction to counteract wrinkle formation and provide maximal first signs of age protection. Daily use will enable a smoother, glowing, and hydrated face to come through.


  • Intensely treat the first signs of ageing: fine lines and dull skin
  • Seal the epidermis with protective Anti-oxidants
  • Insert special lipid complexes into the skin for superior moisturisation
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Reduce skin inflammation
  • Prevent premature ageing
  • and wrinkle development
  • Retain youthful, lustrous skin



+ Emollient Compounds: to deep penetrate the skin and reach the underlying Epdermal-Dermal Junction where most age damage occurs

+ Omega 3+6+9: to insert special lipid complexes into the skin for effective and superior moisturisation

+ Hydroxytyrosol to: rapidly rectify the first signs of ageing and diminish fines lines

+ Polyphenol Antioxidants to: seal the epidermis with super protective molecules and defend against premature ageing

+ EGCG's to: counteract skin damaging UV rays and protect against all weather conditions

+ New Stable Vitamin C to: reduce skin inflammation and radiance boost dull skin

+ Essential Fatty Acids to: strengthen epidermal cells and combat dry, dehydrated skin textures

+ Vitamin E Tocopherols to: retain youthful, lustrous skin

Apply daily to help maintain a youthful, nourished complexion. Experience younger looking, health-gleaming skin everyday.


?Concentrated treatment serum oil to rapidly repair first signs of ageing: fine lines & dull skin

?Potent antioxidant complexes assure glowing, healthy and lustrous skin

?Deep penetrates skin to effectively protect against formation of age lines and wrinkles

?Unique lubricating lipid molecules keep complexion hydrated and properly moisturised
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