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Age Block Capsules
Age Block Capsules

Price: £49.00



Skin that’s working way harder than it should, starts to reveal signs of premature ageing :  facial lines, dullness and wrinkles.The skin needs instant rescue.

Age Block contains a powerful complex of 7 skin saving Anti-oxidants with: Polyphenols, Anthocyanins & Anti inflammatories plus Vitamin C to tackle the future ageing, oppose free radical damage and halt premature ageing.

  • Guard the face from environmental ageing aggravators like pollutation & UV rays
  • Let a brighter, line-less and younger complexion to finally transpire
  • Instantaneously disperse atmospheric free radicals
  • Minimize wrinkle formation
  • Correct existing skin damage
  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Protect against complicated diseases

Individual skin layers and internal body organs are defended against roving oxidative attack to counteract environmental ageing to help retain a more youthful and alluring look.

Take 1 serving ( 1 capsule) daily to kick start recovery.

This highly active anti-
oxidant combination helps
provide a complete and
highly concentrated guard
against ageing, wrinkle
formation and internal
organ diseases

Each nutrient endorses its
own unique cell protective
benefits and in the special
combination the molecules
provide copious
cumulative Anti-oxidant
fortification against
environmental ageing

The redox active
molecules in this
formulation help repair
and slow down and correct
accelerated age damage
including fine lines and

Helps prevent premature
degenerative diseases

Contains a unique blend of
nutrients that aid in
establishing longevity

Promotes healthier,
younger skin and
wellbeing of the body

Dedicated to a complexion
that appears more
lustrous and youthful
DR Nirdosh