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Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Body Wash
Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Body Wash

Price: £11.38



This Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Heal & Cleanse Body Wash contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic Melaleuca for deep skin cleansing. Therapeutic action helps clear skin of acne, whilst the added benefit of moisture replenishing oils prevents skin drying.

This is a complete anti acne body treatment wash for oily, spot prone skin to alleviate acne breakouts and light infectious fungal conditions.

Use this body wash to help de-clog skin, constrict open pores, limit surplus oil production and control acne attacks. Skin will be left feeling clinically smoother and clearer.


Anti-Acne bodywash to to treat oily, acne prone skin

Helps clear skin spots & moisturises for clearer, smoother body skin

Deep cleanses the skin and de-clogs congested pores

Refines skin and helps neutralize acne eruptions

Coats the skin with protective anti-acne substances so that resistance to further breakouts is enhanced

Helps skin retain a blemish free appearance

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