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Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Face Clarifying Moisturiser
Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Face Clarifying Moisturiser

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Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Treatment Moisturiser contains anti-septic, anti-acne complexes that target acne elimination to aid development of a clearer,vibrant and normalized face.

  • Strives to eradicate acne lesions
  • Helps de-clog congested pores
  • Assists sebum regulation to reduce excess oil production in problem T-zones
  • Anti-septic and Anti-biotic acting molecules act to rid skin of unwanted microbial and bacterial proliferation to help prevent infectious acne breakouts
  • Defines a brighter, de-blemished complexion

Pore minimizing and sebum regulating Melaleuca and anti-biotic like Honey sub-particles plus B Vitamin Complexes, help treat clogged skin cells, cure spots, clear blackheads and remove bacterial infestation so that an acne clear complexion can come through.

Used daily, this Anti-Acne Sheer Skin face moisturiser can help down regulate over-production of oils and heal acne breakouts, especially in the facial T-zone area.

Apply this face cream to treat acne and skin spots twice a day to a clean and dry face, avoiding the delicate eye region.

Contains B-Vitamin complexes from Anti-septic Honey to act on blemishes and stabilize skin cells

Promotes brighter, smoother and healthy face

Efficacy of Melaleuca is heightened by neighbouring molecules which allow it to endorse 2x its ordinary effect for clearer skin

Anti-septic action helps rid skin of bacterial proliferation and debris which causes irritating acne breakouts

Regular use will help development of a clearer normalized complexion and even face
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