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Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Exfoliating Face Wash
Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Exfoliating Face Wash

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Anti-Acne Sheer Skin Exfoliating Face Wash is the ideal way to treat acne and maintain a spotless,blemish-free face as its component exfoliating Pumice Particles, Anti-septic Caprylic Acid and inflammation soothing Myristic Acid help control bacterial invasion, clear face spots, soothe excess oil production and clarify complexion of unwanted debris deposits.

Added Vitamin E helps curb oxidation reactions and can also regulate levels of retinol (vitamin A) which become imbalanced in acne and contribute to its multiplication.

Use this exfoliating facial wash to help treat and cure acne, blackheads and spotty skin conditions. Helps maintain renewed, even and clearer skin.


Contains an essential lipid complex that can carry the acne repairing molecules deep into the skin to help clear spots

Caprylic Acid has anti-microbial action to aid clearance of blemished skin

Exfoliates and removes uneven dead skin cells in the stratum corneum skin layer

Stimulated underlying epidermal cell production renews complexion

Removes debris and counteracts blackheads

Helps clear and Treat face skin acne to enable smoother, fresher face skin
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