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Elaine Shar

A year ago having reached middle age and taking a long hard look at my face, I realized I just didn't look like I wanted to. I knew I didn't want to look like my face didn't belong to my body. I wanted to look fresh alive and wrinkle free. Scared where to go as I had read horror story after horror story. I was then recommended to visit Dr. Nirdosh. Within 5 minutes I knew this was the doctor that I had every confidence in. Dr Nirdosh spent ages talking about many options, at no time did I ever feel pressured to have any treatment that I didn't want. Telling nobody what I was doing, everybody's reaction was 'you look really well, you had been looking really tired.' Just what I wanted to hear. A fresh me. I am now totally hooked as are my girlfreinds that I recommended. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Nirdosh, she is a totally honest, caring and true professional.

Advanced Botox® Injections with Dr. NIRDOSH  now from £250





Botox Injections are a popular medical procedure widely publicized and utilized by the Dr Nirdosh Clinic to effectively treat noticable wrinkles, creases and muscle contractions which appear on the face. Botox is a registered brand name and this highly sought after anti-wrinkle injectable treatment from Allergan, the world leading medical company of which I have been appointed a UK brand Ambassador, is composed of a toxin derived from the clostridium botulinum bacterium. It's eally effective because it blocks nerve signals and prevents them from reaching the muscles. The outcome is that the injected muscles become unable to contract - even if you try - which forces the wrinkles to gradually soften and relax - providing it's been injected correctly. Over a period of three-seven days, the face gradually appears wrinkle and frown free. Botox is used most frequently on the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet the wrinkle prone areas. Wrinkles are the culprit for making us all look aged, old and tired and for women to continue looking their best botox is certainly just as important as wearing fashionable clothing. However women want it to be right and have concerns about going under the needle. Why opt for a local beautician when you can visit Dr Nirdosh at Harley Street London and have an amazing Botox experience with London's leading cosmetic doctor and celebrity skin doctor,Dr Nirdosh, and the great thing is Botox starts fom only £250 - affordable botox prices with a top harley street cosmetic doctor. To maintain flawless grooming women over 40 plus should consider regular botox injections with Dr Nirdosh as part of their youth regime.

Botox Injections are non-surgical and highly effective

It’s always a pleasure to inform worried clients that Botox can effectively and quickly reduce their wrinkles. I always tell the patient that one of the great things about Botox Injections is that it’s a non-surgical procedure simply because there’ll be no incision, stitches, cuts or scarring, Botox Injections certainly have an advantage over other cosmetic treatments that are more invasive and are great if you wish to gain beauty benefits from cosmetic surgery, without the pain and hassle. If you’re looking to erase a few years from your face and are at the stage where you feel you are ready for Botox, call the clinic for a free consultation with Dr Nirdosh to discuss your options on 020 7486 4163.

How can I expect my face to look like after Botox?

Your beautiful face should also be accompanied by a pair of sexy eyebrows and this is another reason to consider getting Botox Injections. As you get older, your eyebrows will gradually lose its arch and this will make them appear dull and lifeless. A brow lift is one option but problems such as droopy brows, sagging skin under the brows, wrinkles surrounding the brows and frown lines in the area are all primarily caused by facial expressions. The good news is that these beauty issues are all easily treated with Botox. As you can see, Botox Injections are the answer to many of our aging-related problems.

Botox - more than beauty! For medical conditions

You may be surprised to know that Botox is useful not only for cosmetic purposes. It can be used to treat other medical conditions as well as Hyperhidrosis which is the medical term for extreme sweating. You can imagine how too much sweating in the palms, feet, underarms or other areas can be really inconvenient, not to mention embarrassing. For very obvious reasons, excessive sweating can also can also cause significant discomfort. Botox Injections can treat this problem by relaxing the muscles around the area that is profusely sweating and the effect is to reduce the quantity of sweat that is secreted by the surrounding glands. The relief from Botox can last up for as long as 6 months even after just one treatment.

Surely it is easy to see why many women opt to get Botox Injections for themselves as this secret anti wrinkle injection is regularly used by both men and women to wipe away both age related and medical condition tell-tale signs.

Dr Nirdosh's Signature Treatment - Harley Street treatments with the Celebrity Doctor!

Dr Nirdosh is one of London's most prolific doctors in the art of Botox treatment and is an appointed UK Ambassador for Allergan - the makers of Botox. The Dr Nirdosh Botox signature treatment is a leading Harley Street procedure conducted by the celebrity doctor herself. Want to know why you should have your botox injected by Dr Nirdosh and why women love having treatments with Dr Nirdosh- click here. Call 020 7486 4163 today to book your free Botox consultation with Dr Nirdosh.

   Botox® Frown Lines

Lasting results after just 14 days


Botox® Upper Face




Botox® Eye Wrinkles 








What Is Botox? How Does Botox Work?

Botox Injections are the leading anti wrinkle injections prescribed to eliminate wrinkles and frown lines. Botox can have the effect of blocking particular nerves in order to prohibit the skin against creasing.  This process has the effect of undoing whatever lines or wrinkles may be present. It will also keep any further wrinkles from forming in the area treated. Botulinum toxin type A is the toxin in Botox and in small doses it acts as an effective wrinkle eraser.

How Are Botox Injections Administered?
Botox is a complex procedure that requires a trained cosmetic doctor to administer and does not require any form of anaesthesia. The Botox preparation is injected into particular muscles using a fine needle. The patient may feel a slight discomfort but this is not always the case. The effects of Botox can be expected to appear within three to seven days from treatment.

In What Way Is Botox Different From Dermal Fillers Such As Juverderm or Restylane?

The two are fundamentally different. The difference between the two is that Botox works by relaxing the muscles which are responsible for fine lines and, on the other hand, Restylane works by filling in the fine lines and deep wrinkles.  In Addition, Botox is more suited to dynamic lines that move or which are due to a person’s facial expressions.  Permanent static lines are better treated with dermal fillers rather than Botox.

How safe are Botox Injections? Has The FDA approved them?

I have reassured my patients that the FDA has already approved Botox for cosmetic use as early as April of 2002 and have been around for more than a decade. Botox injections should only be administered by a trained doctor or professional.

Where Is It Injected?

I always tell my patient that Botox injections are an image enhancement procedure to improve the appearance of frown lines, crow's feet, forehead creases, smile lines and eye wrinkles. It is also commonly used on problematic wrinkle prone areas such as the chin, neck and mouth area. 

Will It Make My Face Freeze, Rendering It Expressionless?

Not at the Dr Nirdosh clinic as Dr Nirdosh uses her world leading technique which has gained her the leading reputation as one of London Best Botox Doctor. Most women desire to have their natural beauty enhanced and if this is what you are after, you need to arrange a consultation with Dr Nirdosh to ensure you avoid a frozen face fiasco. Getting it done incorrectly can render your face expressionless.  

Does it Hurt?

The injection sites may produce a slight sensation as the needle goes in but this is extremely minor and stops immediately after the treatment is complete. You may experience a slight sensation 12-24 hrs after, but this settles naturally. The pain is minute and the thus the treatment requires no local anaesthesia.

Are They Any Side Effects?

Very minor temporary side effects can occur due to the nature of the treatment which includes a brow drop, but this is usually avoidable if the treatment is performed correctly however in very rare cases this still can occur. The side effects are temporary and only last about 2-3 weeks. Bruising is common with Botox injections due to the injected points engaging with blood vessels but this can be covered instantly with make-up and subsides with 48 hrs.

After I Have Had The Botox, Do I have to Stay In Hospital?

No – is the simple answer. You can leave instantly after the treatment. You can drive yourself home and cover any redness or minor bruising with make-up. I always advise any patient who just received an injection that they should not exercise for the next 3-4 hours after the injections. Also avoid touching or massaging the treated area for at least 4 hours. Alcohol must be avoided for a minimum of 24 hours.

When Do I See The Full Result?

Normally the botox takes about three days to initially take effect, but to gain the full anti wrinkle benefits, give it up to 10 days.




Dr. NIRDOSH is an appointed UK ambassador for the makers on Botox®, regular medical columnist for Now Magazine and a contributor to the BBC. Her clinics have become a one stop hub for fashion models, celebrities, business magnates & society elite, looking for her pristine injectable nip and tuck.




Consultations: All non-surgical facial rejuvenation consultations are private and conducted by Dr. NIRDOSH. She will recognize areas that deliver exceptional beauty and map out your cosmetic programme to deliver an anti-ageing experience that you will cherish. Due to the popularity of Dr. NIRDOSH we recommend you book your consultation in advance if you plan to arrange treatments for a certain date. With Dr. NIRDOSH having global clients fly in directly to see her you can rest assured all clients receive a pristine level of service.

Safety certain aspects of safety must be considered prior to any treatment to ascertain viability. As with all needle based procedures it is not uncommon to experience minor redness or swelling in the first 24-48 hours, however these are temporary and only occur in the first few days. The treatment may not be suitable for pregnant women, women planning pregnancies or women who are currently breast feeding. Also certain medication can prohibit your eligibility and these will be discussed at the

Aftercare: Satisfaction derives from exceeding client expectations. An ethos of Dr. NIRDOSH and her passionate quest to deliver. Dr. NIRDOSH is prolific in the art of client consideration and is more than just the procedure. As if her attentive service is not enough, Dr. NIRDOSH's aftercare has built her a reputation as ’my personal celebrity doctor'. All clients are routinely booked in for a follow-up post treatment - even if they do not need it. Dr. NIRDOSH is now accessible all times by telephone via her personal line and provides a complimentary priority service for clients who require that extra personal touch.



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