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City Fuel Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
City Fuel Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

Price: £16.12



This Dr Nirdosh Multi-vitamin and Multi-mineral complex is an essential everyday lifestyle support designed to help establish a fitter functioning body and strengthen the immune system to sustain good health all year round. Daily intake provides the nutritional support required to help keep up with hectic fast pace living.

Each tablet surges essential micro-nutrients easily missed out during the day back into the body to re-ignite it with the ammunition required to remain on the go.

This formulation contains a scientific combination of powerful vitamins + minerals + anti-oxidants the body needs to perform day to day tasks and can not make or maybe lacking in the diet. The vital blend of nutrients is geared towards heightening the body’s defences to fight diseases, keeping senses sharp, immunity up, cognitive function responsive and mind attentive.


  • Injects into the body the essential micro-nutrients missed out on during the day        
  • Gives the body the fuel it needs to help complete repair processes so it can remain in a cycle of working optimally 
  • Daily intake endorses performance of positive metabolic reactions, enabling the body to become more resilient
  • Contains a strategic complex of powerful vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to fight free radicals and protect against cellular damage
  • Helps protect against diseases, infections and illnesses
  • Contains critical molecules that can penetrate cell membranes to help shield internal organs against environmental & UV radiation damage
  • Can stimulate cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation and slow down ageing
  • Helps keep entire body strong and healthy by maintaining wellbeing of the immune system, brain, skin, muscle tissue and internal organs


?Replenishes the body with nutrients easily missed out on during the day
?Fends off environmental age damage
?Helps fight everyday diseases
?Keeps senses sharp
?Strengthens immunity
?Improves cognitive function
?Retains an attentive mind
?Helps maintain all year round good health
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