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Clear Pout LipSore Balm
Clear Pout LipSore Balm

Price: £9.96



This is a lip prescription that no lips should be without as instantly acts to heal acute and chronic lip sores, while conditioning vitamin E ensures outstanding moisturisation of extremely dry and suffering chapped lips.

This Dr Nirdosh Anti-Septic Lip Sore Treatment Balm is "a lip prescription that no lips should be without". 

  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral benefits components help keep clear microbial infestations
  • Instantly acts to heal acute and chronic lip sores
  • Conditioning Vitamin E Tocopherols ensure outstanding moisture infusion

The anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits components in this lip sore balm act to keep lips microbially uninhabited.

When immunity is down and lips begin to experience sore reactions, this anti-septic treatment balm will work to put things back on route to recovery to restore sensationally smooth lips. 

To treat lip sores and infectious breakouts and keep lips moisture conditioned, apply this anti-septic lip treatment balm, at regular intervals throughout the day for smoother, recovered lips.

Helps detoxify the lips and remove unwanted pathogens that cause lip sores

Lipid acting molecules intensively nourish the lips so they feel ideally smooth

Provides the delicate lip cells with sheer moisturising therapy

Lips will appear sensationally soft, repaired and smooth
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