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Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Toner
Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Toner

Price: £27.51


Stimulating and toning Collagen Visible Plump Anti-Wrinkle Face Toner with skin plumping Collagen, Minerals from Marine Algae and Vitamin B5, which forms a vital component of Co-enzyme A to enable accelerated cellular repair.

  • Skin stabilizing activity of this toner immerses skin pores with impurity removing substances
  • Favours optimal skin elasticity
  • Correctly prepares the facial skin to take on the wrinkle corrective ingredients of the Collagen Visible Plump firm and repair skin serum and anti-wrinkle face cream
  • Enables a more toned, de-wrinkled and fresher complexion

Use daily to remove cleanser residue and tone skin, whilst correctly preparing the skin surface to take on the Collagen V.P. Lipid Serum and Face Cream.


?Use regularly as part of an anti-ageing skincare regime for visibly de-matured skin and for defence against premature ageing

?A replenishing skin sensitive toner that promotes a more youthful, nourished and smoother complexion
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