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Collagen V.P. Lipid Serum
Collagen V.P. Lipid Serum

Price: £59.77



A dedicated intense anti-ageing wrinkle treatment, the ingenious formula of Collagen V.P Lipid Serum has been designed to fight the major age concerns: wrinkles, limp and time-tarnished skin.

The specialist emollient oil based action allows deep penetration of the epidermis, forcing supreme anti-ageing micro-molecules to travel to the hard to get to Epidermal-Dermal Junction (EDJ), where most age damage occurs. It is here that Collagen V.P. Lipid Serum acts to instantly begin wrinkle repair and filler age lines with potent doses of skin plumping Collagen and powerful wrinkle healers to promote a remarkably youth boosted, toned and replenished complexion.


  • Deeply penetrate the epidermis
  • Fill age lines and Visibly Plump skin with collagen and re-tone skin elasticity
  • Smooth expression lines and diminish wrinkles
  • Rapidly rehydrate and replenish lost skin lipids
  • Correct existing age damage and return a more youthful, supple complexion


  • Penetrative Emollients to: endorse lubricant action to allow deep infiltration into the Epidermal-Dermal Junction (EDJ)
  • Liquid Collagen to: visibly Plump the skin & fill age lines with high levels of collagen
  • Algae & Marine Minerals to: re-tone skin elasticity
  • Calophyllum to: heal scar tissue & repair mature skin defects
  • Boswellia to: smooth expression lines & diminish appearance of wrinkles
  • Humectant Lipids & Plant Liposomes to: rapidly add extreme skin hydration
  • Vitamins A+C+E to: correct existing age damage & return a more youthful, supple complexion

Use Collagen V.P Lipid Serum before applying the Collagen V.P Face cream to filler lines and intensify the collagen wrinkle plumping effect. Experience smoother, softer and appealingly younger looking skin daily.



?Intense anti-wrinkle serum oil that re-plumps the skin with collagen

?High powered anti-ageing treatment designed to deep penetrate the skin

?Works to correct mature skin issues

?Helps firm and repair skin

?Instantly relieves dry skin and smoothes wrinkles
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