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Delicate Complexion Facial Wash
Delicate Complexion Facial Wash

Price: £13.75



Delicate Complexion Facial Wash contains Lipid Soy Lecithin which is very sensitive to skin cells and resembles Phosphatidylcholine, a crucial molecule that forms part of skin cell walls.

This simple and considerate facial wash nurtures facial skin, whilst removing all traces of waste without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

The fatty acid density helps improve hydration levels and elasticity, so that resultant complexion appears relieved and conditioned.

Sensitive and gentle to the face

Soy lecithin contains a complex mixture of phospholipid fats that resemble those in cell membranes

Nurtures and moisturises skin with its conditioning constituents

A mild and effective facial wash to help cleanse away age aggravating toxin build up


No Artificial fragrances
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