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Eczema Derma Calm Concentrated Treatment Oil
Eczema Derma Calm Concentrated Treatment Oil

Price: £18.50



For areas of stubborn eczema, this high potency eczema treatment oil contains targeted compounds to act on eczema inflicted wounds and permeate surrounding cells to:

  • Relieve resistant eczema
  • Weaken the eczema causing immune reaction
  • Provide immediate relief from itching
  • Respite skin inflammation and soreness
  • Overcome overt skin dryness
  • Rebuild stronger, healthier, itchless skin


Use sparingly over eczema affected region, gently rubbing into the area of breakout.

Apply 2-3 drops to cleansed and dry skin twice daily

Not suitable for face

Not suitable for children

Always do a patch test first

Helps calm active inflammation to provide soothing relief from stubborn eczema

Strong formulation that will help rough skin cells level out

A vital eczema relief treatment designed to relieve very dry, itchy skin
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