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Grapeseed OPC Body Oil
Grapeseed OPC Body Oil

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Rich in OPC - Polyphenols to help reduce wrinkles and age-lines; this Dr Nirdosh Grapeseed OPC Fortifying Body Oil contains powerful anti-oxidants to resist age induced skin impairment, whilst nutrient embellishing the skin for superior day long moisturisation.

OPC molecules penetrate the skin to:

  • Reserve skin collagen levels
  • Improve levels of hyaluronic acid for maximal hydration
  • Protect outer exposed cellular layers from free radical attack
  • Enable younger, resilient skin to reform

On contact with the body, special Grapeseed Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin (OPC) molecules in this body oil fortify skin with powerful anti-oxidants to help protect from free radical damage and reduce cellular destruction. They also encourage maintenance of healthy skin collagen levels by preventing collagen breakdown, so skin remains more structurally supported

Use this body oil to present supple, softer and healed skin.

Grapeseed Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC) fortify the skin with powerful anti-oxidants

Helps protect the skin from free radical attack, reducing cellular destruction

Grapeseed OPC?s can help maintain healthy skin collagen levels by preventing its breakdown

Can help boost skin Hyaluronic levels to enhance moisture in the skin, providing advanced hydration throughout the day

Helps improve elasticity and present supple, softer and healed skin
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