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intelliGENT skin eye gel
intelliGENT skin eye gel

Price: £33.20



This exceptional light and non-greasy repairing eye gel treatment system for men, re-stocks the skin with eye zone targeting nourishment to fade away fine lines, level out wrinkles and abolish a tiresome appearance. 


  • Devised to completely focus on men?s skin
  • Concentrates on restructuring eye skin
  • Meticulously smoothes skin contours
  • De-creases skin, steering away from wrinkles and fine lines
  • Provides surface cells with a layer of age-protective micro-molecules
  • Tackles dark regions and stimulates relief of swollen under eye areas
  • Promotes de- stressed, fresher and younger looking eyes

IntelliGENT Skin Restructuring eye gel helps combat eye soreness and alleviate eye ageing with its special complex of :

+  Watermelon Hydrators

+  Ginseng Circulatory Stimulators

+  Cucumber Silicon

+  Vitamins C

+  Vitamin K

Use daily to enable healthier, stronger, and brighter eyes to become evident

?Re-hydrates and constricts surface pores so skin feels lifted

?Stimulates capillary circulation to tighten skin so eyes appear revived

?Encourages improved blood flow to diffuse appearance of under eye puffiness

?Helps reduce under eye congestion and dark patches

?Soothing elements fortify skin with cooling and refreshing nutrients

?Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

?Supports new collagen formation and dampens inflammation enabling healthier, smoother skin to reform
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