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intelliGENT skin: 1st Signs Age Moisturiser
intelliGENT skin: 1st Signs Age Moisturiser

Price: £44.59


A superior anti-ageing moisturiser formulation to control the impact of the first signs of ageing on men's skin : dullness, fine lines, pigmentation blemishes and an overall tiresome look.

This intelliGENT skin moisturiser is a non-greasy face treatment containing age-defying Phyto-chemicals, active vitamin C, powerful Grapeseed OPC anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory Sea Buckthorn and skin strengthening Silica. 


  • Expertly chosen technology to help renew men's skin
  • Reloads skin with potent Anti-oxidants and vital Vitamins to protect against premature age damage before permanent age signs  start settling in
  • Smoothes fine lines and deters further wrinkle formation
  • Diminishes stressed, over-worked skin
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Injects hydration into areas where it is required
  • Regulates excess oil production
  • Enables younger, healthier and fitter skin to be obtained

Everyday  topical application of IntelliGENT Skin First Signs Age Control will help cut short progression of age lines, bring hormonally induced oil production under control and improve skin immunity.


+  Silica

+  Co2 extracted Sea Buckthorn

+  Grapeseed OPC’s -potent Anti-oxidants

+  Vitamin C

+ Vitamin E Tocopherols

Use daily to defend the face from environmental skin pollutants and transform a lack lustre complexion to a well-groomed appearance. This item is currently out of Stock


?Contains a bio-complex of over 100 skin nourishing nutrients to reload the skin with essential cell nourishment to defend against premature ageing

?Specifically targets and treats first signs of ageing in men?s skin

?Helps lock in moisture and calm skin inflammation by neutralizing skin irritations

?Enriched with high strength anti-oxidants that possess 20 x the power of Vitamin C and 50 x the power of vitamin E for fresher, clearer and healthier skin

?Promotes line free, even textured and firmer looking skin

?Designed to boost cell regeneration to create newer, livelier skin
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