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intelliGENT skin: Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser
intelliGENT skin: Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser

Price: £65.46



This IntelliGENT Skin genius anti-ageing moisturiser formula helps repair wrinkles in mature men's skin. Extremely absorbent and non-greasy, this face treatment is compacted with powerful anti-oxidant and wrinkle de-creasing concoctions to help strengthen cells and minimize age lines.


  • Repairs time tarnished skin
  • Inoculates epidermal cells with high class collagen to structurally support flaccid connective tissue
  • Immediately works to smooth & de-crease wrinkles
  • Superior anti-oxidants and advanced skin nutrients fend against accelerated ageing
  • Stimulates healthy renewed cell regeneration
  • Strengthens skin proteins to replace mature, worn-out complexions with a rejuvenated and younger appearance
  • Aids reduction of dark pigmentation marks
  • Establishes a sophisticated, professionally smartened look

This exclusive skin formula contains replenishing collagen to fight time damage and improve slackened skin, while filling out age lines


+  Collagen

+   Pro-Vitamin A+C+E complex

+   Zinc Oxide

+   Echium

Use this IntelliGENT Skin moisturiser daily to help enhance cell turnover, encourage new skin cell regeneration and smooth out wrinkles to establish a younger, successful complexion.


?Balances mature epidermal skin to restore a de-stressed, younger and healthier complexion

?Technically formulated to correct men?s skin damage

?Helps enhance collagen levels to fight time damage and improve slackened skin, while filling out age lines

?Protects skin from oxidative damage so further wrinkle formation is minimized

?Helps preserve skin cell structure by slowing production of dangerous pro-inflammatory Eicosanoids so healthier cells can reside

?Combats excessive sebum production to reduce acne flare ups

?Enhances skins UVA & UVB defence barrier by up to 30x to screen against sun damage
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