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inTENsive Hand Repair Balm
inTENsive Hand Repair Balm

Price: £16.12



A quick TEN second inTENsive Hand Treatment containing:

  • Special skin elasticity promoting Plant Liposomes 
  • plus penetrative Benzoin
  • plus restorative medicinal particles

Repair cracked and chapped hands instantly

inTENsive Hand Repair treats hands that are consistently exposed to detrimental external atmospheric offenders and enforces healthy renewed skin to replace dry and wrinkled skin so exceptionally smoother, younger looking hands can surface.

  • Hands will appear cosmetically enhanced, exceptionally smooth and years younger

Use day and night, applying to both the palm and outer hand surface, concentrating more on the outer parts. Thoroughly massage into the skin for immediate cell nourishment. Within seconds hands will feel revamped.

Takes care of all the neglect bare hands suffer everyday

Medicinal acting molecules instantly lubricate and smooth epidermal surface

A fast 10 second hand repair treatment designed to instantly alleviate dry or chapped hands

Hands will feel silky smooth, de-lined and youthful again
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