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Lip Moisture Surge Balm
Lip Moisture Surge Balm

Price: £8.50



Moisture drench lips with this sensationally softening Dr Nirdosh lip balm that repairs dry & chapped lips.

  • Copious Vitamin E Tocopherols
  • Exchange dry, chapped lips for lusciously smooth lips 

Lip Nourishing complex of:

Triglycerides + Oleic and Linoleic Essential Fatty Acids + Vitamin E Tocopherols

LIP MOISTURE SURGE is a superior lip treatment balm, generously enriched with cell nourishing nutrients to rapidly repair dry and chapped lips. Formulated with copious doses of fatty acid esters plus profuse Vitamin E Tocopherols, this is a real “must have” for those who want lusciously smooth lips.

Apply liberally to lips at frequent intervals throughout the day to keep them intensely moisturised.


Repairs dry & chapped lips

Triglycerides penetrate
cells and immerse them in
moisture to beautifully
hydrate lips

Rich in proteins and
monounsaturated lipids to
provide intense lubrication

Highly absorbent Oleic and
Linoleic Essential Fatty
Acids help keep the skin

The anti-ageing action of
Vitamin E helps avert
oxidative cell damage and
moisturises skin as well as
providing environmental

Lips will emerge more
supple, remarkably
smooth and lusciously soft
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