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LIPO LIFT - Anti Cellulite Control
LIPO LIFT - Anti Cellulite Control

Price: £49.00



Anti Cellulite Control LIPO-LIFT is a superior non-surgical cellulite formulation that targets cellulite ridden regions like the thighs and buttocks. This best cellulite treatment has dispersing actives that get to work immediately and initiate breakdown of this unwanted fat which appears as dimpled skin.


  • High profile Cellulite Targeting Substances
  • plus Stimulatory Caffeine
  • plus Chromium
  • plus Cayenne Thermogenic Fat Burning complex

Skin of thigh and buttock regions will appear lifted, smoother and firmer….. ‘Lipo in a capsule’...

Designed to speed up fat oxidation in adipocytes (fat cells) and promote fatty tissue breakdown, LIPO-LIFT further has the effect of suppressing appetite and promoting capillary action to improve elimination of toxins.

Weight loss is elevated in cellulite prone areas via enhanced fat burning thermogenesis, helping to eradicate unwanted dimpled fat from problem sites like the thighs & bottom.

Lipo-Lift aids non-surgical reduction of cellulite and development of a trimmer, svelte figure.

Contains a scientific complex designed to target cellulite ridden areas

Stimulatory and fat shifting caffeine boosts cell metabolism to smooth out dimpled skin

Thermogenesis enhances fat oxidation in adipocytes (fat cells)

Improvement in lymphatic flow helps eliminate toxins

Appetite suppression helps prevent unwanted weight accumulation

Helps disperse cellulite from hard to combat regions like the thighs and bottom

Gives the appearance of tighter, slender and firmer thighs
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