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Macadamia 369  Body Oil
Macadamia 369 Body Oil

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Macadamia 369 Renewing Body oil contains a special Omega 3+6+9 combination that replenishes the skin lubricant barrier and encourages new cell creation. Elasticity enhancing components allow ultra supple, younger looking and super silky skin to reform. 

Special lipid molecules that resemble those produced by human skin enable this oil to easily absorb into the epidermis for smoother, more pliable skin.  

Omega 3+6+9 = Anti-inflammtory and incredibly lubricating

  • High availability of EFA?s provide the missing burst of moisture required for amazingly pliable and luxuriously renewed skin
  • Cell nourishing agents repair dry, ageing skin and smooth wrinkles
  • New healthy cell regeneration improves elasticity and renews skin surface 

Penetrative molecules in this body oil coat skin cell membranes with a protective EFA lipid barrier to help repair lines, improve skin texture and protect against further age damage.

Regular use helps boost skin cell repair systems and enhance elasticity to outcome skin that feels youthfully revamped and renewed.

Omega 3+6+9 = anti-inflammatory and incredibly lubricating

Essential Fatty Acids help protect the delicate membrane which surrounds cells to improve skin texture

Penetrative molecules coat the skin with a protective EFA lipid barrier which can help repair lines and protect against further age damage

Superior cell nourishment combats dry and ageing skin and smoothes wrinkles

Helps augment the skins repair system and enhance elasticity, leaving skin looking and feeling completely renewed and replenished
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