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Rehydra Glow Capsules
Rehydra Glow Capsules

Price: £32.25




Rehydra-Glow is an exceptional dual performing treatment to relieve both Dry and Dehydrated skin - two major causes of ageing skin and wrinkle formation. 

Designed to immensely moisturise and develop skin to appear supple, hydrated and glimmeringly smooth. The individual components in Rehydra-Glow help increase biosynthesis of Eicosanoids, essential fat derived hormones that signal cells to perform their tasks correctly to ultimately decrease oxidation of fats into skin harmfing chemicals. This helps prevent DNA from coming under free radical attack to slow down dry skin related facial lines, while also protecting the central nervous system. The outstanding merger of thirty skin replenishing agents act from within and include:

Omega 3, 6, 9, Oleic & Linoleic Acids + ALA and GLA Essential Fatty Acid Complexes + Vitamin E Tocopherols

In union, these lipid complexes help surge extreme rehydration into the skin and forcefully enhance dermal Hyaluronic Acid concentration between the collagen and elastin fibres to:

  • Rehydrate and retain maximum moisture in the skin
  • Improve condition of the skins lipid barrier
  • Massively intensify levels of hydration
  • Overcome rough, dry and dehydrated skin
  • Prevent age line development

Take 1 Capsule daily so that dry and dehydrated skin can become a thing of the past, as new, soft and pliable skin takes its place.


EFA'S and lecithin intesify skin moisuture levels by increasing lipid lubrication and reducing evaporative water loss

Provides relief from Dry and Dehydrated skin

Correctly moisture replenished skin has less chance of progressing to wrinkle formation

Omega 3+6+9 complexes provide relief from inflammatory skin disorders like eczema and dermatitis

Assists to retain healthy collagen and elastin by minimizing action of destructive enzymes

Helps improve blood vessel strength

Better preservation of healthy brain tissue improves memory and concentration

Prolonged skin cell life promotes smoother and younger skin

Gives skin a supple, dewy and glimmeringly smooth appearance
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