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Skin Rescue Dry Skin Eye Gel
Skin Rescue Dry Skin Eye Gel

Price: £17.07



Use this conditioning eye gel with Pomegranate Ellagic acid, Blueberry & Blackberry anti-oxidants plus cucumber compounds to protect eye skin from oxidative harm and age lines - This anti-ageing eye gel also helps reduce puffiness and brightens skin while conserving youthful, well moisturised eyes.

This highly absorbent eye gel is packed with well renowned super anti-oxidants to protect the eye contours from oxidative harm to prevent premature ageing cutting in and heal fine lines, while conditioning the skin.

  • A dry skin conditioning formula
  • Reduces under eye swelling
  • diminishes appearance of dark patches
  • Initiates conservation of more youthful skin around the eyes - an area which is readily prone to rapid ageing.

Re-hydrating and fine line diminishing gel formulation of:

Pomegranate ellagic acid + Blueberry anthocyanidins + Blackberry quercetin anti-oxidants + Cucumber caffeic acids

Enables younger, naturally beautified eyes to be maintained for longer.


?Smoothes skin and encourages remarkably renewed eyes

?Super anti-oxidants defend cells from age damage

?Helps reduce dark circles and puffiness

?Hydrates the weak skin around the eyes so formation of lines is almost forbidden
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