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Skin Rescue Dry Skin Cleanser
Skin Rescue Dry Skin Cleanser

Price: £22.00



This extra creamy cleanser is a dry skin dream as the Pomegranate ellagic acid, Blueberry anthocyanidins, Blackberry anti-oxidants and Emollient complexes work their way into the skin for deep complete cleansing, whilst guaranteeing the skin remains fully moisturised.

Use this cleanser to remove facial impurities, while conditioning and moisture repairing dry skin.

?Energizes and moisturises to help enhance circulation flow

?Skin softening agents prevent skin drying and help keep complexion line free, whilst cleansing

?Wondrous anti-oxidants help defend the skin from atmospheric cellular attack

?Emollient complexes provide unsaturated fatty acid nutrients that fuel the skin and lock hydration into the outer stratum corneum layer

?Keeps skin feeling deeply cleansed while retaining a radiant look
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