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Skin Rescue Dry Skin Serum Oil
Skin Rescue Dry Skin Serum Oil

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This Skin Rescue Conditioning Serum Oil is an essential dry skin anti ageing treatment serum with penetrating emollient complexes that soak into the skin, allowing the extraordinary combination of super anti-oxidants plus Omega 6 lipids to superbly moisture embellish the skin.

  • Able to deep penetrate the epidermis and instantly overcome skin dryness
  • Contains potent age defenders
  • Uncover a noticeably moisture repaired complexion
  • Enriched with Omega 6, this serum is extremely skin comforting and an essential dry skin recovery aid
  • Use to retain gleaming and youthful skin

 The dense concentration of repairing:

Pomegranate ellagic acid + Blueberry anthocyanidins + Blackberry quercetin anti-oxidants, plus Omega 6 lipids get to the root cause of dry skin and also safeguard against destructive daily elements.

Use this skin serum prior to preceeding with application of Skin Rescue Dry Skin Face Treatment Cream to vastly amplify skin moisture levels.

?Provides intense moisture replenishment to a dry, neglected face

?Rapidly layers the skin with tiny molecules with outstanding protecting ability

?Conditioning complexes ensure a gorgeously softer, tender complexion is the result

?Helps avert ageing and slows down accelerated skin damage
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