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Skin Rescue Normal/Combination Serum Oil
Skin Rescue Normal/Combination Serum Oil

Price: £20.87



The concentrated formulation of Strawberry flavonoids, Vitamin C and Marshmallow demulcents, plus Vitamin E Tocopherols loaded in this serum are pure dermal therapy that seep into the depths of the skin and allow active cell nourishing molecules to deeply support the skin layers, providing cells with vitamins and minerals that help preserve youthful skin innocence.

  • Permeating emollients infuse compelling moisture into neglected complexions
  • Far reaching active anti-oxidants immerse profound anti-ageing protection
  • Vitamin E Tocopherols and Vitamin C in combination shield against skin deterioration
  • Maintains a tender, luminescent complexion
  • Keeps normal/combination skin types in an ideal state

Skin Rescue Normal/Combination Serum is a vital face treatment that assists in improving skin immunity, while driving away formation of wrinkles.

Use this intense facial treatment before applying the Skin Rescue Normal/Combination Face Treatment Cream to impart exquisite vivacity and sought after beauty to complexion.

?Acts on epidermis to oppose free radicals that invade skin cells and helps block inflammation

?Improves skin immunity

?Imparts thorough hydration and radiance to the skin

?Used daily as part of a routine skin care programme will help set back arrival of age lines and heal present impairment
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