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Skin Rescue Normal/Combination Face Cream
Skin Rescue Normal/Combination Face Cream

Price: £33.20



This luxurious facial moisturiser is packed with skin benefiting Strawberry Flavonoids, Vitamin C, plus soothing marshmallow demulcents and pro-vit B5, specifically combined to perfect normal to combination skin types.

  • Focuses on normal/combination skin types
  • A creamy, whipped textured cream that helps slough static dead cells
  • Encourages new even textured skin to come through
  • Enriched with protecting flavonoid anti-oxidants to repel environmental skin ageing
  • Contains anti-irritating compounds
  • Holds moisture in the skin
  • Gives complexion a youthful and renewed make-over

Use this essential clinical care for fragile faces to keep skin well shielded from environmental toxins that cause ageing and to also help eradicate sub-clinical inflammation reactions that cause accelerated epidermal disruption. Ensures exceptional skin with skillful protecting combination of:

+ Strawberry Flavonoids

+ Vitamin C

+  Soothing Marshmallow Demulcents

+  Pro-vit B5

Apply daily to the skin to endorse formation of smoother, supple skin that is reassuringly protected against future ageing so that a radiant, silky complexion can be maintained.

?Specifically designed for normal/combination skin types

?Enacts to save the skin from destructive environmental attack to rebuild a more youthful complexion

?Helps remove unwanted dead cellular debris so that a renewed, glowing skin texture can be revealed

?Provides skin with anti-inflammatory cover to help combat skin cell damage

?Helps reserve hyaluronic levels in the skin to increase skin moisture

? Daily use nourishes and facilitates a more even toned skin surface, leaving skin feeling gorgeously soft and silky
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