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Skin Rescue Oil Balancing Eye Gel
Skin Rescue Oil Balancing Eye Gel

Price: £16.60



This eye gel with Plum phenolic acids, Liquorice Glycyrrhizic acid, Mandarin Beta-carotene, Witch Hazel and Cucumber caffeic acids, treats delicate oil prone skin by balancing, protecting and refreshing the skin around the eye region.

  • Specifically equipped to treat oil prone skin
  • Helps lighten dark shadows
  • Suppresses excess fluid accumulation to overcome puffy eyes
  • Infuses the eye zone with protective anti-oxidants to shield against ageing
  • Helps eradicate fine lines
  • Tightens skin so that the eyes appear recharged
  • Allows brighter, youthful eyes to show

Oil balancing and protective formulation containing:

Plum phenolic acids + Liquorice Glycyrrhizic acid + Mandarin Beta-carotene + Witch Hazel Cucumber caffeic acids

Use this TLC eye treatment daily to retain youthful looking eyes through the specialist skin rescue surveillance system.

?Helps reduce fluid retention that causes swollen eyes

?Has a lightening effect to de-shadow dark circles and replace with visibly brighter eyes

?Enriches skin around the eyes with protective multi anti-oxidants to slow down eye contour ageing

?Promotes healthier, clearer and tighter skin so that the eyes appear recharged
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