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Skin Rescue Oil Balancing Face Cream
Skin Rescue Oil Balancing Face Cream

Price: £34.15


This Skin Rescue oil balancing face moisturiser recreates equilibrium in the skin and facilitates reduction of pore size, so that overproduction of sebum is brought back under control over time to normalize skin cell activity.

  • Special formulation to re-balance oily skin
  • Helps fade blemishes
  • Instils cells with the required multi-minerals to beam a healthy line free complexion
  • Reduces inflammatory soreness
  • Counteracts infectious bacterial growth that occurs in oily skin environments, so a clearer complexion can ensue

Enriched with an elite combination of molecules to regulate oil production and put a brake on development of forthcoming age damage:

+  Glycyrrhizic acid from liquorice

+  Plum phenolics

+  Mandarin beta-carotene and vitamin C

+  Anti-septic Witch hazel

Use this Skin Rescue Plum, Liquorice and Mandarin face treatment moisturiser daily to help  retain a ripe, young, blemish free appearance, restore the skins PH balance and age protect the skin.

?Helps bring oily skin back under control and helps regulates pore size

?Enables renewed, even skin to come to surface

?Helps lighten acne scarring to outcome a brighter complexion

?Designed to treat oil congestion, clear skin of unwanted bacterial infestations and bring breakouts under control

?Protective molecules conceal against age damage and wrinkle formation
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