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Vit E Skin Guard Body Lotion
Vit E Skin Guard Body Lotion

Price: £13.75


This body lotion contains a high content of superior Vitamin E anti-oxidant protectors and moisturising elements to help neutralize skin damaging free radicals and inject enhanced hydration into the skin:

Tocotrienols plus Triglyceride Extracts plus Anti-oxidant Vitamin E Tocopherols

  • Anti-oxidant Vitamin E Tocopherols help fend against age related skin creases
  • Humectant particles bind immense moisture into the skin
  • Palmitic-oleic fats engage anti-ageing benefits and help enhance UV defenses
  • Triglyceride derivatives promote dermal regeneration

Regular use can help increase cell longevity, improve skin texture and stimulate the epidermis to stay youthfully primed. 


Skin will feel superbly smoothed and remain conditioned throughout the day.

Humectant properties of Tocotrienols help hold moisture in the skin

Palmitic-oleic fats have anti ageing benefits as they can enhance the skins natural UV defenses

Almond Trigylceride derivatives improve dermal healing, are anti-irritant, relive dry, itchy skin and lubricate skin

Vitamin E Tocopherol particles deliver topical anti-oxidant skin nutrition to help fend against age related skin creases

Skin feels improved in texture, softer and moisturized
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