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Immune Boost Vitamin C
Immune Boost Vitamin C

Price: £12.80



Dr Nirdosh Vitamin C is a powerful water soluble anti-oxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals and reduces inflammation. It supports the body to make a swift recovery from the flu and infectious colds and helps establish a healthier, fitter immune system. It also helps develop a younger, radiant complexion by boosting manufacture of collagen, a structural protein especially profuse in the skin.


  • strengthens immune function and helps fight off everyday illnesses like the common cold      
  • decreases inflammation throughout the body and skin, especially in response to certain allergens       
  • increases wound healing and speeds up recovery times      
  • enhances collagen synthesis and promotes production of new cells       
  • protects the skin from premature wrinkling and age damage       
  • encourages a brighter, younger complexion       
  • increases blood vessel strength       
  • increases haemoglobin in red blood cells allowing better oxygenation of organs       
  • helps decrease incidence of heart disease and cancer        
  • protects the delicate eye region form developing cataracts      
  • increases absorption of iron from the intestine
  • protects the anti-oxidants: vitamins A and E


?Perks up immune performance
?Speeds up recuperation from illnesses like the common cold and flu
?Reduces inflammation
?Slows down the ageing process by prevention of oxidative damage
?Enables a healthier complexion
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