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Vitamin E SkinFix
Vitamin E SkinFix

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Dr Nirdosh Vitamin E contains D-Alpha Tocopherol, the most biologically active and potent form of Vitamin E that mimics the body’s own. This powerful fat soluble anti-oxidant helps prolong cell life by entering the cell wall membrane and here preventing oxidation of lipids into damaging molecules. This specific action reduces inflammation and helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, preserve brain cells and boost immune functioning. Its skin healing functions help overcome sun burnt skin, scars, stretch marks and eczema type disorders


  • contains D- Alpha tocopherol, the most biologically natural and utilisable form of Vitamin E
  • crosses the blood brain barrier and helps protect the brain by preserving nerve cells
  • helps defend against age related diseases: heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer
  • boosts the immune system to function more productively
  • combined with vitamin C reduces the cell damaging effects of a fat rich meal
  • is an essential body requirement in the utilisation of the anti-oxidant selenium and vitamin K
  • helps reduce stretch marks, scars and aids wound healing
  • may also help inhibit production of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the stomach formed as a by product of protein metabolism
  • helps guard against wrinkle formation by dampening inflammation
  • can heal sunburn due to UV photo-damage
  • enables preservation of a younger, smoother, hydrated complexion.
  • helps soothe inflammatory skin disorders like eczema

Tip: As Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, some fat in a meal is required for its absorption from the upper GI tract. Vitamin E enhances function of Vitamin C, Selenium and Vitamin B3


?Contains D- Alpha tocopherol, the most biologically natural and utilisable form of Vitamin E
?Powerful fat soluble anti-oxidant vitamin
?Protects lipids in cell membranes from oxidative harm
?Boosts the immune system to function more productively
?Defends against heart disease and preserves brain cells
?Helps reduce stretch marks, scars, sunburn, eczema type disorders and aids wound healing
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