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Collagen V.P. Injection Capsules
Collagen V.P. Injection Capsules

Price: £65.00


Collagen V.P. Injections Capsules are a superior Collagen Skin plumping capsule that mimics the effects of collagen injections to help re-plump skin and smooth wrinkles. For collagen supplements to work effectively and to deliver that dramatic face-lifting result, molecular doses of Vitamin C are essential to promote deep skin absorption. Dr Nirdosh’s extensive research to establish lost skin collagen, re-plump wrinkles and restore a more youthful looking face has finally led to the creation of a new anti-ageing collagen capsule which contains three vital compounds required to help re-inject collagen back into the face:



  • Collagen V.P Injection Capsules help re-establish lost skin collagen, replump wrinkles and restore a more youthful looking face


  •  Take 2 Collagen V.P. Injection Capsules in the PM before bedtime to help enhance internal collagen and elasticity levels for a firmer, plumper and younger looking face. 



- Collagen VP Injection Capsules are a unique formulation by Dr NIRDOSH developed to mimic a collagen injection.

- Collagen VP Injection Capsules instantly help replenish lost skin collagen from within.

- The sturdy Collagen protein fibres help to visibly plump up wrinkles, smooth fines lines and structurally uplift the whole face.

- Collagen VP Injection Capsules can help counteract skin thinning.
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