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Elaine Shar

A year ago having reached middle age and taking a long hard look at my face, I realized I just didn't look like I wanted to. I knew I didn't want to look like my face didn't belong to my body. I wanted to look fresh alive and wrinkle free. Scared where to go as I had read horror story after horror story. I was then recommended to visit Dr. Nirdosh. Within 5 minutes I knew this was the Dr that I had every confidence in. Dr Nirdosh spent ages talking about many options, at no time did I ever feel pressured to have any treatment that I didn't want. Telling nobody what I was doing, everybody's reaction was 'you look really well, you had been looking really tired.' Just what I wanted to hear. A fresh me. I am now totally hooked as are my girlfreinds that I recommended. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Nirdosh, she is a totally honest, caring and true professional.

Advanced Botox® Injections with Dr. NIRDOSH  now from £250



Why Botox prices vary and what you need to know!

The process of pre-arranging the perfect Botox treatment for your face can be a stressful experience simply because it's your face, and primarily you are arranging to improve and enhance it, not damage it. It involves numerous considerations and you have to reassure yourself you have made the right decision before proceeding further. How do you find the best botox doctor in London? The right location? The best end result? Which do you need botox or dermal fillers for your lines. Do the before and after pictures live up to the expectations? Will you get the best injectable products not some cheap downgrade alternatives? Do you get a top-up if you require one and so on and so on. One presiding factor relinquishes way above all the other for many new inexperienced patients - and that is Botox prices including recent botox offers and two for one offers and so forth. Cheap botox Injection are what uninformed new clients of cosmetic surgery sometimes deem a high consideration. So is the Botox price relevant when it comes to Botox?

A recent study done in the UK revealed that a majority of women have a large list of considerations and botox prices can prove to be the deal clinchers, many trying hard to find cheap botox London in and around the capitol, hoping to get these highly skilled potent anti-wrinkle injections on the cheap.

Do cheap Botox prices stack up or are you likely to be let down?

Well, let me dispel this myth once and for all. What you pay for is what you get and the simple answer is no!  In the medical profession cosmetic doctors know that this is a mindset which must be addressed, coincidentally, something which the medical profession is doing right now with the pending Keogh Review report led by NHS Medical Director Professor Sir Bruch Keogh due out at the end of March, to ensure all cosmetic surgery patients are re-educated to understand how cheap cosmetic treatments are not only incorrect but highly dangerous for the patient. Regular patients of cosmetic surgery are spending more not less as they understand money is not be the determining factor and recent statistics in the USA by the American Society of Plastic Surgery says cosmetic procedures rose by 5% prices.

Cheap Botox is exactly that. Cheap low grade versions of Botox! There are good Botox Injections and cheap botox however most people do not know this. The many consequences of a doctor injecting cheap botox into your face on a budget are:

1.       Not correct practice, as the amount should not be calculated by the price but rather the actual dosage required to erase and fix the wrinkle lines. If price is the factor then the results will not be anywhere near perfect.

2.       A low grade alternative botox product that will not provide the patient with the desired results. It may perform well initially but will soon subside quicker than the anticipated three months results window. This is a real problem and the FDA is concerned not all patients are being treated with approved Botox and have sent letters to practives requesting where they were buying their Botox.

3.       Compromising patient safety as correct administration requires injecting certain points in accordance to perform the procedure correctly and completely.

4.       A low doseage amount. Botox is like any other injection in the medical profession and is injected via measurable doses. Cheap Botox simply means you get way less Botox than you think in each required area. This leaves you with sub-standard short-term non lasting results, and in some cases it may not work at all.



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There’s good botox and bad botox – Most people don’t know this!

The wider stories that circulate and tarnish The correct administration of a botox injection are normally a consequence of a reputable doctor advertising his services as the cheapest botox doctor who has sidelined from his good practice ethics and has somehow engaged in some kind of charlatan back-alley operation. Now a few may think they benefit through this malpractice quick fix cheap botox– most customers hoping that they are the lucky ones who receive the sub standard treatment without any adverse reactions or side effects – but be under no illusion, not all will and eventually the so called shady operation of cheap botox will be exposed when the patients start complaining of low results, that are way less than adequate. Normally the grade of Botox is low and the results will wear off so quickly you will be feeling cheated of your results and of your money. Is it worth the risk booking this appointment knowing this might happen to you? The answer is an obvious no!

The reality is A highly skilled Cosmetic Doctor London does not compromise on quality and do not engage in botox injections price warfare with customers and therfore keep my prices affordable and attainable for not only celebrities but all my patients, as price is not the factor that I want you to consider when doing the procedure and instead focus on your beautiful result.It is my our duty to serve my patients so that the best results are always attainable, using the correct amount of Botox as required – with a no holds barred attitude - so my patients are always happy and confident they made the right decision when Selecting Dr Nirdosh for Cosmetic Surgery as the course of treatment to eliminate their frown lines and deep set wrinkles.

The mindset for all Dr Nirdosh’s patients is that they are about to sit in Dr Nirdosh’s Cosmetic Chair as a special happy patient, feeling rather excited with the prospect of looking younger hereafter. The government is introducing new guidelines to try to force bad practice doctors to follow the stance of focusing on the procedure and not on price, and that is to also ensure the customer does not select botox treatments based on price, instead consider all the more important factors mentioned earlier which include primarily booking a consultation with a top botox doctor London, like Anti Ageing Pioneer Dr Nirdosh or Finding a reputable Harley Street botox doctor and then also making sure that cosmetic treatments are what you want before proceeding further. This not only guarantees you get the desired results and start to enjoy your trip to youth, but also ensures you avoid a situation which can mar your aspiration with uncertainty.


Lasting results after just 14 days





















Advanced Botox® Injections with Dr. NIRDOSH  now from £250



Dr. NIRDOSH is an appointed UK ambassador for the makers on Botox®, regular medical columnist for Now Magazine and a contributor to the BBC. Her clinics have become a one stop hub for fashion models, celebrities, business magnates & society elite, looking for her pristine injectable nip and tuck.




Consultations: All non-surgical facial rejuvenation consultations are private and conducted by Dr. NIRDOSH. She will recognize areas that deliver exceptional beauty and map out your cosmetic programme to deliver an anti-ageing experience that you will cherish. Due to the popularity of Dr. NIRDOSH we recommend you book your consultation in advance if you plan to arrange treatments for a certain date. With Dr. NIRDOSH having global clients fly in directly to see her you can rest assured all clients receive a pristine level of service.

Safety certain aspects of safety must be considered prior to any treatment to ascertain viability. As with all needle based procedures it is not uncommon to experience minor redness or swelling in the first 24-48 hours, however these are temporary and only occur in the first few days. The treatment may not be suitable for pregnant women, women planning pregnancies or women who are currently breast feeding. Also certain medication can prohibit your eligibility and these will be discussed at the

Aftercare: Satisfaction derives from exceeding client expectations. An ethos of Dr. NIRDOSH and her passionate quest to deliver. Dr. NIRDOSH is prolific in the art of client consideration and is more than just the procedure. As if her attentive service is not enough, Dr. NIRDOSH's aftercare has built her a reputation as ’my personal celebrity doctor'. All clients are routinely booked in for a follow-up post treatment - even if they do not need it. Dr. NIRDOSH is now accessible all times by telephone via her personal line and provides a complimentary priority service for clients who require that extra personal touch.



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