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“Vampire Face-Lift” now performed by leading harley street cosmetic doctor, Dr. Nirdosh  


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The Sun test drives Kim Kardashians 'vampire facelift' with Dr.NIRDOSH


The Dr Nirdosh Vampire facelift, is a secret anti ageing cosmetic procedure attracting celebrities due to its blood injecting results, which provoke younger skin to flourish.

Reality queen Kim Kardashian has had the Vampire Facelift in Miami on her show and has become the most recent convert.

Having publicly gone live showing herself being injected and filming the actual scenes for her show Kourtney & Kim Take Miami which is now airing on Sundays on cable tvKim shows the results of her skin right after the procedure. She is known to love cosmetic surgery.

Looking inflamed, Kim underwent this blood facial and did show signs of fear. 

Suns Journalist contacted the celebrity doctor to the stars, Dr. NIRDOSH to get the same Vampire facelift as Kim Kardashian.

See the Dr Nirdosh Vampire Facelift Sun article here >>


Kim Kardashian Vampire Facelift performed by Dr Nirdosh for The Sun Newspaper

Heavily bloodied ... Sun Journalist was keen to follow in Kimmy Kardashian's footsteps and contacted Dr NIRDOSH to make her skin younger with the Vampire Face Lift ; just like Kim Kardashian.


Kim Kardashian has the Vampire Face Lift to fight wrinkles and ageing


Kim Kardashian shows the effects of the procedure and how her blood has been extracted and then the rich stem cells are reinjected back into her face to stimulate new skin cell production to start the regeneration of new skin. One of the many cosmetic surgery procedures she has had. 



The Non Invasive Blood Injection Face lift is a fantastic way to defy the ageing process as no foreign chemicals or liquids are actually injected into the face, instead the vital component is the patients own blood, hence the name the vampire face lift.


This treatment which is also medically known as the PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, works by extracting blood from various places of the body and then the powerful plasma rich cells are separated; the super powered stem cells which have the powers to make younger skin to reform. These super healthy plasma skin cells are then re-injected back into the face to replace any dead skin cells, making new younger skin growth.


This is a new innovative and clever way to make sure your face remains ageless and young. Starting this early should ensure that your face looks decades younger than your true age, as you've supplemented your face with an age resistant procedure.


The benefits can be long term and regular sessions mean you won't have to meet Dr Nirdosh any time soon for a Face lift on Harley Street.


Dr Nirdosh says ‘this is a secret youth treatment with amazing long term benefits and a favourite of celebrities as the Vampire Lift stimulates new skin cell tissue regeneration, which is so important in the fight against ageing and is becoming as popular as Botox injections.Thin sagging skin plump up once you’ve had this procedure as it instigates an increase in skin volumization and causes new collagen production, the building blocks of the skins frame structure. As we age they degenerate, but the plasma rich stem cells rebuild the whole structure'.


Anna Friel is a young actress who loves the vampire lift and understands that taking action early means you benefit later. She openly admits she has the procedure as has the most famous Kardashian girl.



To find out how you can have the Dr Nirdosh Vampire Lift, book your free consultation with Dr Nirdosh to discuss it further. Dr Nirdosh is the leading cosmetic doctor london and will assess whether you are a suitable candidate. Call the Dr Nirdosh Cosmetic clinic which is deemed the Best Botox Clinic Harley Street today on 020 7467 1524. 



All treatments include a private consultation. Dr. NIRDOSH has been appointed a UK ambassador for Allergan, the makers of Wrinkle Injections & Juvederm.

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