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Love The Taste of Drinking Water

Home | Natural-Skin-Care | Love the taste of drinking water - 21 May 2012 Published By Dr. NIRDOSH

Water Pouring in A Glass

What is Water and Why is Water Important?

H2O is the periodic symbol for our most precious element – Water! It amazes me at how many medical conditions can be cured simply by consuming water – but so few people love the taste of water. Knowledge is power and unfortunately most of us are misinformed at the importance of water. If we all knew the power of water, we would all drink much more. I’m not going to lecture you on the wider benefits but I am going to educate you on the topic of beauty and its relationship with water.

83% of your blood is made of water and 22% of your bones also consist of water. But the big heavy weight that requires water is Muscle. 75% of all your muscle is water. If you deplete your sources, your body will lose its muscle mass. The result is accelerated ageing and dangerous.

Water in Skin Care Helps Wrinkles

Imagine you arrive at my clinic and say you want to plump your facial wrinkles naturally. If your face looks sunken, dehydrated and pale, you can rest assured this is partly down to your lack on water consumption. Water actually plumps wrinkles and this is why I regularly advise clients to understand the difference between normal skin creams and advanced anti ageing treatment creams. If you acquire a cream with a high water soluble base and contains hyaluronic acid in the cream that provokes feeding your face with water.


Drinking Water Helps Lose Weight

There is also the aspect surrounding weight gain. The majority of people struggling to lose weight do not drink enough water. They have lost the distinction between hunger and thirst. To regain control you need to know when your body knows is thirsty.  Grasping back control will kick-start rapid weight loss as water is negative calories whereas food is not.


Don't like the taste? Eat Water instead!

A trick to eating healthy and consuming water in one go is to eat water fruits. These are things like cucumbers, watermelons etc. They are about 90% water and super high in free radical fighting antioxidants.


The symtoms which show you need water - urgently!

The tell tale signs you are not consuming enough water are dark urine, dry dehydrated skin, constant thirst, always feeling hungry and chronic fatigue. You can see that if you don't drink water regularly your health will suffer. Your face will age prematurely this is for sure. It becomes more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. The skin loses it's precious elasticity. Oh and just so you know, water transports nutrients and oxygen into skin cells direct giving the skin cells longevity. Meaning skin cells live longer and so do you!


Dr Nirdosh's Prescription to Water!

It’s easy to dish out advice that you should drink two litres a day but the Nirdosh Nutrition way is different. I tell my clients that first you must love the taste of water. If you ask 10 people if they like the taste of water, most would say no. I love water and its taste as I know the benefits. Now so do you! I recommend a prescription of two glasses of water a day for 1 week. When you have done this with ease you increase it to three and you stick to this for a month. You do not increase it. The goal here is for you to love the taste of water and therefore it becomes a life habit not a formality which is a short term fix. Once you have stuck to the three glasses of water for a month, you go for four a day. Do this for a month and you should feel so energized, see your weight drop, see your skin clear up and your face become fuller and plumper and fresher. Now you love the taste of water too, you can increase your consumption accordingly.  






HOME | Natural Skin Care | Love the Taste of Drinking Water
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