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Internationally Acclaimed Harley Street Cosmetic Doctor 

 The Celebrity Cosmetic doctor to Royalty and A-Listers. Perfect Lip Augmentation and Lip Enhancement Procedures


Advanced Lip Augmentation Procedures with Dr Nirdosh® Harley Street 


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Dr. NIRDOSH : The Perfect Lips

Dr. NIRDOSH's Lip Augmentation London service is known worldwide. Her celebrity clientele know her as ‘The Artisan of Lips’,  the creator of a beautiful mouth using her unique Lip Augmentation London Service.

Dr. Nirdosh says ‘too many doctors don’t fully understand the complexities and the velocity of the lip structure and why the skin ages. Injecting points around the lip area have to be applied correctly to reshape the lips, only then can the lips look naturally enhanced. Many practitioners lack this intricate understanding. It is the sole reason their clients end up with a horrid inflated trout pout, rather than a beautifully enhanced lip area.

Dr. Nirdosh is the artisan of lips and the creator of a beautiful mouth. She's honed this in demand cosmetic procedure. Her lip refinement technique is London's specialist lip enhancement service. She understands Why and how lips develop wrinkles.With Dr NIRDOSH at the helm thin lips are perfectly rectified and refined. Clients adorn their newly acquired lips, which appear so very natural without revealing any tell-tale signs of subtle slightly fuller lips. Dr NIRDOSH'S concept for these kind of procedures are UNIQUE, SAFE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. New clients who desire lips alteration absouletly love Dr NIRDOSH'S preferred combined methodology of safety and surgery. They gain the desired results perfectly - first time!    

Dr NIRDOSH'S  cosmetic surgery procedures are highly effective premier treatments. Such as her special Lip Augmentation treatment, which considers the entire lip structure, the cupids bow, the vermilion line, the lip corners, the lip body and the lip outer line. As Dr NIRDOSH STATES 'They are all relevant to develop the truly perfect lip'.

Contact Dr Nirdosh today for your Lip Augmentation.  


Dr NIRDOSH is renown as the UK's leading Cosmetic Doctor's and Best Botox Doctor on Harley Street who's clients regularly discuss her private services and cosmetic surgery clinic as table talk. As her name suggests, all clients including celebrities are given that quintessential service which eases patient instantly diluting the need to ponder over small talk such as what is a non surgical facelift. She is a leading pioneer of such procedures and understand the topics to be immensely popular and enjoys disucussing the answers to your uncertain questions. 

Arrange a private 1-1 consultation with Dr Nirdosh today by calling our Harley Street Clinic. There is no charge for a private consultation. For the perfect Lip Enhancement and Lip Augmentation cosmetic experience, contact Dr. Nirdosh Harley Street today on 020 7486 4163.



All treatments include a private consultation. Dr. NIRDOSH has been appointed a UK ambassador for Allergan, the makers of Wrinkle Injections & Juvederm.

Lip Enhancement

Jawline & Necklift

Beauty Wrinkle Injections

Cheek Augmentation

Advanced Dermal Filllers

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Chin Implant Non-Surgical

Rhinoplasty Nose Job

Face Recontouring




 Call: 020 7486 4163 or book your appointment above online


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London's leading celebrity cosmetic doctor in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Call Dr.Nirdosh Harley Street today on 020 7486 4163
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D O N N A     K A R A N     L O N D O N  

Elaine Shar

A year ago having reached middle age and taking a long hard look at my face, I realized I just didn't look like I wanted to. I knew I didn't want to look like my face didn't belong to my body. I wanted to look fresh alive and wrinkle free. Scared where to go as I had read horror story after horror story. I was then recommended to visit Dr. Nirdosh. Within 5 minutes I knew this was the Dr that I had every confidence in. Dr Nirdosh spent ages talking about many options, at no time did I ever feel pressured to have any treatment that I didn't want. Telling nobody what I was doing, everybody's reaction was 'you look really well, you had been looking really tired.' Just what I wanted to hear. A fresh me. I am now totally hooked as are my girlfreinds that I recommended. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Nirdosh, she is a totally honest, caring and true professional.

 Advanced Botox® Injections with Dr. NIRDOSH  now from £250





Tel. 020 7486 4163 (UK) |  +44 (0) 207 486 4163 ( overseas) E. info@drnirdosh.com |  www.DrNirdosh.com  |   DrNirdosh.com/clinic

Opening Times:

Monday-Friday 10am - 8pm* | Saturday - 10am- 6pm

*Late night appointments available upon request. Please call the clinic in advance for a late night appointment with Dr. Nirdosh.


Pay by Phone Parking on Harley Street and outside the Dr. Nirdosh Clinic. Taxi drop-off points adjacent to the clinic.


Due to the popularity of Dr. NIRDOSH we recommend you book your consultation in advance, if you plan to arrange treatments for a certain date. We also advise you plan 15-30 mins extra for appointments,  Dr.NIRDOSH is attentive to all clients and this may result in a slight overlag in time.

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