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    Pioneer of Anti-Ageing Medicine

    The Allure of True Skin Perfection

Ever since Dr Nirdosh exposed the real link between anti-ageing & beauty, her clinic has been inundated with connections in the world of fashion and beauty.  In 2008 she announced her revolutionary anti ageing plan and met numerous influential media persons to reveal how the body can grow younger – not older! “They assumed it wasn’t possible but I had already transformed myself from an ageing doctor to a younger woman, in just 42 days – applying only the principles of my natural plan”.  This amazing and clever approach to anti ageing was a first and unlocked the missing link between hormones and ageing. It appealed to the journalists who challenged Dr Nirdosh to expose her secrets to the public. In 2010 Dr Nirdosh gave permission for the release of her book – an insight to the real magic bullet to youth and how anyone can grow young again. Featured in the press with celebrities daily prescribing to the plan, Dr Nirdosh became a name worldwide promising a lifestyle which allowed your youth gene to flourish. The project hailed a breakthrough in natural anti ageing procedures, is still the only solution which provides the blueprint on how to transform your face and body in just 42 days - and inspires followers worldwide.

Dr Nirdosh’s premier skin care line of advanced anti-ageing treatments are specifically developed for women who require powerful home treatments that fix and repair age damaged skin. She has worked tirelessly developing solutions that provide the needed medicine to the ageing skin cells under the skin surface – a place which can be hard to penetrate with skin care alone. This is the evolution of her skin surgery capsules and prescribed together with her advanced skin care treatment you have your own age defying beauty kit.

The difference with Dr Nirdosh, to any other doctor who provides beauty treatments is she openly states that any one skincare beauty company alone cannot house all the perfect solutions for all skin types.  She happily reviews and promotes lines and products she deems worthy of their credentials. Knowing the industry works with high paced scientific and technological advances, the evolution of most potent and effective anti-ageing skin care treatment changes rapidly. Her site showcases most brands and will further review the latest options - including her own.

      Unlocking the Ageing Code

       Surgery VS Natural - Myth Exposed!

Dr Nirdosh’s discovery to prevent ageing has been recognised as a real innovation in our quest to everlasting youth. She declares that ageing is a disease which you can treat to make your body young again no matter what your age and asserts that hormones are the key magic bullet to youth. Her pursuit to unlock the ageing code led her to not only find the answer, but create the infinite solution.  The Dr Nirdosh revolutionary body plan promises youth and beauty in just 42 days! 

The ‘cosmetic myth’ is a principle battle ground for two beauty camps; those who have cosmetic surgery and those who are not quite ready - so prefer natural anti-ageing procedures. The conception of the ‘cosmetic myth’ portrays them as two chosen methods that live in rather inharmonious territories, and one is always superior to the other. Dr Nirdosh is living proof that this is untrue. Her research led her to discover that ageing and the molecular degeneration of skin cells cannot be corrected through surgery. Instead it is natural anti-ageing procedures that manipulate the ageing mechanism to force the youth gene to flourish. With this discovery she highlights the importance of cosmetic and natural procedures to work in unison. The benefits of both are relevant however one cannot achieve maximum beauty without the other. Skincare, skin supplements and nutrition instigate internal repair & recovery and are so essential in the fight against wrinkles and cross linkage formation – the start and birth of a wrinkle. However, results of natural anti-ageing procedures alone cannot guarantee instant results. Surgery itself has immense benefits. Visually it can award you with instant youth, beauty and sex appeal but medically it has a minor relevance on internal ageing. The myth will disperse as Dr Nirdosh continually works to educate about the relationship between both surgical and non-surgical treatments, and how natural procedures can beat surgery. 

Origin of the First Surgery Capsule

     Cosmetic & Natural Procedures Clinic

The origin of the first ever cosmetic surgery capsule was the brainchild of Dr Nirdosh and inspired by her ground breaking research to find the cure to ageing. Dr Nirdosh shunned uniformity to develop a surgery pill. Many believed this was highly unlikely but now recognise them as a skin supplement excellence. Private clients at her clinic were secretly being prescribed these exclusive non-surgical formulations alongside surgery. They soon became London’s leading skin capsules for those in the know. They work at inner cellular levels surgery cannot reach or repair targeting ageing at the cause, to fix and repair a time damaged face. The perfect prescription for a woman who wants a face-lift effect but is not quite ready for surgery! Dr Nirdosh's creation was hailed a clever cosmetic by Tatler magazine. Her capsules were a new approach then, but now are industry standard treatments deemed necessary in the prevention of ageing.

The Dr Nirdosh Clinic Harley Street is the name renown for cosmetic non-surgical facelifts. The Clinic treats royalty and high profile men and women internationally, who regularly fly into London seeking her special injectable nip and tuck. Known for creating the most beautiful and sophisticated faces and pushing the boundaries of cosmetic perfection, Dr Nirdosh has established a unique style that is identified and admired all over the world.  Dr Nirdosh's attention to detail makes all the difference. Women were made to be beautiful; I just give them a little help getting there. Subtle changes to the face are paramount to perfection. Time has no limits with beauty and I apply this principle to all clients giving them complete and utter devotion"


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