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Dr Nirdosh's “Vampire Face-Lift” 

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“Vampire Face-Lift” now performed by leading harley street cosmetic doctor, Dr. Nirdosh


Dr Nirdosh’s sought-after treatment of filling wrinkles and plumping up hollow cheeks is the Vampire Face-Lift PRP treatment. No fat or toxins are injected into the body, instead the main ingredient of this wrinkle-removing treatment is the patient’s own blood.

Dr.Nirdosh, Harley Street London says 'blood samples are extracted from various part of body and then we separate the vital platelet rich plasma stem  cells – the ingenious power stem cells which help younger skin grow. Then we start the regeneration process by re-injecting the plasma rich stem cells back into face. The younger skin starts to grow by replacing older skin'.

Dr. Nirdosh said the procedure is popular as it helps the face to become younger and lifted from within. Dr. Nirdosh is performing the exclusive Vampire Face-Lift a favourite of Kim Kardashian at her Harley Street Clinic in London. Call 020 7486 4163 for a Free Vampire-Lift Consultation.




All treatments include a private consultation. Dr. NIRDOSH has been appointed a UK ambassador for Allergan, the makers of Wrinkle Injections & Juvederm.

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Jawline & Necklift

Beauty Wrinkle Injections

Cheek Augmentation

Advanced Dermal Filllers

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Chin Implant Non-Surgical

Rhinoplasty Nose Job

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Leading anti-ageing cosmetic doctor and renown author, Dr Nirdosh is the Harley Street name that countless A-list celebrities call for their cosmetic facelifts. The private Dr Nirdosh Clinic London treats royalty and high profile men and women who regularly fly into London seeking her special injectable nip and tuck as she is widely known as the best botox doctor in London by Celebrities and those in the know. 

Known for creating the most beautiful, natural, sophisticated faces and pushing the boundaries of cosmetic perfection, Dr Nirdosh has established a unique style that is identified and admired all over the world.  Dr Nirdosh's attention to detail makes all the difference.

‘Women desire to be naturally beautiful and have anxieties about cosmetic perfection . Dr. NIRDOSH clients receive a patient service that delivers absolute cosmetic perfection every time’ Dr. NIRDOSH

Doctor Nirdosh is the creator and pioneering force behind Dr Nirdosh Anti Ageing Skin Treatments, crowned clever cosmetics by Tatler, Her book, Dr Nirdosh's Anti Ageing Secrets, unveils her extraordinary discovery of growth hormone as the miracle bullet to youth.

Dr Nirdosh regularly appears on BBC TV and radio, and has been featured in nearly every publication including, Grazia, New Woman, Red, Closer, Tatler, The Observer, The Telegraph, Now, Daily Mail, Fabulous, OK! and The Times.



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London's leading celebrity doctor in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Call Dr.Nirdosh Harley Street today on 020 7486 4163
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Tel. 020 7486 4163 (UK) |  +44 (0) 207 486 4163 ( overseas) 

E. info@drnirdosh.comwww.DrNirdosh.com  |   DrNirdosh.com/clinic

Opening Times:

Monday-Friday 10am - 8pm*

Saturday - 10am- 6pm

*Late night appointments available upon request. Please call the clinic in advance for a late night appointment with Dr. Nirdosh.


Pay by Phone Parking on Harley Street and outside the Dr. Nirdosh Clinic. Taxi drop-off points adjacent to the clinic.


Due to the popularity of Dr. NIRDOSH we recommend you book your consultation in advance, if you plan to arrange treatments for a certain date. We also advise you plan 15-30 mins extra for appointments,  Dr.NIRDOSH is attentive to all clients and this may result in a slight overlag in time.

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