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DR Nirdosh
DR Nirdosh
DR Nirdosh
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Age Block Capsules
Skin Supplement to Block Ageing - Each serving contains 7 powerful skin saving Anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals, defend against pollution damage and counteract environmental ageing to maintain a youthful complexion
Price: £49.00
Cell Re-Charge Q10
Cell Re-Charge contains metabolism boosting Co- Enzyme Q10 to stimulate new cell production and speed up mitochondrial activity to restore a re- energised and fresher complexion
Price: £21.77
Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser
Advanced deep conditioning anti-wrinkle cleanser treatment for mature skin with anti-ageing Collagen, Mineral Algae and Retinol Complex to de-fatigue, moisture repair and professionally cleanse skin.
Price: £34.15
Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
An eye loving, wrinkle detesting cream, with anti-ageing collagen geared to target age lines and visibly restore youth captivating eyes. Treats wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles
Price: £44.59
Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream
Collagen Visible Plump Face Cream, a superior anti- ageing cream with special wrinkle plumping collagen molecules to smooth away age lines and create youthful, firmer and radiant skin.
Price: £110.00
Collagen V.P. Anti-Wrinkle Toner
Stimulating and toning, Collagen Visible Plump Anti-Wrinkle Face Toner to enable accelerated cellular repair to help correct wrinkles and tone the skin
Price: £27.51

DR Nirdosh