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Skin Rescue Oil Balancing Serum Oil
Skin Rescue Oil Balancing Serum Oil

Price: £20.87



This remarkable oil balancing serum delivers the skin with a strategic complex of oil balancing nutrients to de-clog overcrowded pores, reduce inflammation and prevent unwanted oily, acne prone skin to dwell.

  • Treats and re-balances oil prone skin
  • Helps restore sebaceous gland activity and unblock congested pores
  • Anti-inflammatory particles provide control over formation of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Penetrates low lying cells and resists over production of sebum
  • Opposes microbial proliferation
  • Encourages a brighter, even complexion

Contains concentrated emollient combination of:

Plum phenolic acids + Liquorice Glycyrrhizic acid + Mandarin beta-carotene + Witch Hazel plus Linoleic acid to protect, heal and recreate equilibrium in deranged skin.

Use this Skin Rescue penetrative oil balancing serum to deep treat the skin and reinstate a normalised, even and healthy complexion.

?Treats oily complexions and helps preserve young, healthy looking skin

?Acts to re-balance out of control skin and re-establish a healthy, uniform looking face

?Therapeutically heals inflammatory break outs and problematic skin

?Designed to penetrate the low lying skin cells and reach the deep routed cause of the open pores

?Helps combat microbial proliferation and sebaceous gland hyper-activity

?Assists in bringing excess sebum production under control and evenly balance skin
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